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John Lennon and the Mercy Street Cafe

by William Hammett

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© Adroach
John Lennon's Discography © Microimages

Two Virgins: 1968
Life with the Lions: 1969
Wedding Album: 1969
Live Peace in Toronto: 1969
Plastic Ono Band: 1970
Imagine: 1971
Some Time in New York City: 1972
Mind Games: 1973
Walls and Bridges: 1974
Rock 'N Roll: 1975
Shaved Fish: 1975
Double Fantasy: 1980
The John Lennon Collection: 1982
Live in New York City: 1986
Menlove Ave.: 1986
Imagine: John Lennon: 1988
Lennon Legend: 1988
Lennon: 1991
John Lennon Anthology: 1998
Acoustic: 2004


(NOTE:The following are the Beatles' major LP releases and do not include collections,
greatest hits, anthologies, or concert and holiday albums.)

US Releases by Capitol and Apple:
UK/Parlaphone and Apple Releases:
Introducing the Beatles: 1963 (Vee Jay) Please Please Me: 1963
Meet the Beatles: 1964 With the Beatles: 1963
The Beatles Second Album: 1964 A Hard Day's Night: 1964
A Hard Day's Night (United Artists): 1964 Beatles for Sale: 1964
Something New: 1964 Help!: 1965
Beatles '65: 1964 Rubber Soul: 1965
The Early Beatles: 1965 Revolver: 1966
Beatles VI: 1965 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: 1967
Help!: 1965 Magical Mystery Tour: 1967
Rubber Soul: 1966 The White Album: 1968 (Apple)
Yesterday and Today: 1966 Yellow Submarine: 1969 (Apple)
Revolver: 1966 Abbey Road: 1969 (Apple) – actually recorded last
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: 1967 Let It Be: 1970 (Apple)
Magical Mystery Tour: 1967  
The White Album: 1968 (Apple)  
Yellow Submarine: 1969 (Apple)  
Abbey Road: 1969 (Apple)  
Hey Jude: 1970 (Apple)  
Let It Be: 1970 (Apple)  

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